Game Designer / Level Designer
Stockholm, Sweden




Hi my name is Karl!

A Game and Level Designer

I was born and raised in a small village in the Swedish mountains of Härjedalen with a population of 70 and currently living in Stockholm doing my second year studying Game Design at Future Games.

I started off my game development journey as a 3D artist at Stockholm University and then transitioned more into Level Design and away from the 3D modelling as I wanted to focus on designing the experiences more than the assets themselves.

The interest in Level Design and building things has been with me since a young age as I grew up building with LEGO's and making snow caves/forts for me and my friends to play in.

Other than strong fundamentals in Game Design. I consider my strenghts in game design to be my attention to details and finding the hard defined feeling of what "feels" good. I love feedback mechanics, visual, auditory or through the players progression.

I strive to contribute to a healthy work environment and try my best to treat everyone with respect and listen to peoples opinions and feedback to learn from it. I believe a good work environment is the first step towards making a good game.

Other than a love for making and playing all kinds of games in different genres all my life, I enjoy bingeing tv-series, hiking, eating new food, playing board games, among other things!

Spoken Languages:
Swedish and English

Technical Proficiency

Game Engines:
- Unreal Engine
- Unity

- C#
- Blueprints
- Java

- Autodesk Maya
- Adobe Photoshop
- Quixel Suite
- Audacity
- Perforce
- TortoiseSVN
- DaVinci Resolve